you supernatural bih…

woke up

niggas supposed to be today,

make up for tuesday and get us back right for next week

my nerves got me tuesday.

and i feel like i can’t fit my shoes.

shoes that i’ve worn my whole life have seemed to have become tight

i must be gettin bigger

toes crowed,

bunions bustin,

while my soles tell you stories untold

bigga nigga in small shoes while mothafuckas pullin his trigger

tigga, nigga i hop smooth out pf any dilemma

can’t no pooh bear tame me,

can’t no pigglet bitch me,

can’t no owl learn me of my ways and how they should be changed cuz his foresight see further than mine.

i must be gettin bigger

ss biggest ain’t been built

so i need a new boat

maybe a lil yachty

a new box,

you see

when i was a little girl i wanted to be amongst the upper echelon,

wearin the finest fabrics,

drinkin the eldest wine,

devouring the finest fare.

i been wearin these for a while

and i know i’ve out grown em

cuz a bitch is bigga than anything you can touch see taste smell feel, or even pray fo

bitches supernatural and this tangible world don’t can’t offer me shit

so i mend together a world to lift me up

r o d

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