since i started making music my relationship with experience has changed. i am no musician, that would do a disservice to the form itself.

the most authentic creative outlet.

ain’t no hiding when it comes to music, it’s either you got it or you don’t. learning the process of making music has allowed me to understand the power of accumulation. the build up of a grand thing through the use of individual pieces that have nothing to do with each other, yet are still birthed from the same entity. this fundamental lesson in the process of making music has altered the way i experience the world.

objects, whether they be used for utility or comfort or pleasure or as placeholders or space fillers, act as musical notes. the architecture of the spaces in which these objects exist, which could be articulated as home or common places or institutions or places of work or places of worship or places of rest and recreation, act as physical staffs that house the notes. this structure is accented by the presence of humans, providing an spectral array of human experiences. the presence and traces of these accents articulate all experiences.

r o d

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